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by Kim Hyde

I am often asked if there is an easy way to ensure people do not use the wrong drawing.  Huge problems occur when somebody gets hold of a plot or print that isn’t the latest issue and/or hasn’t had approval.

Anyone using Items in Vault Professional knows that watermarking is available to control this … `BUT’ (I hear), what about those using Document Management with Vault Workgroup or Vault Collaboration and have no intention of using Item-based Data Management?

… well here is the answer!

Watermarking can be created when using the (Batch) Plot facility.  Review the following steps to set the options:

Step-1… select what you are printing

Select the file or files you wish to print, then select the `Plot’ button.  Note the dialog allows you to add additional files and control the usual page-setup requirements.

Step-2 … set your configurations.

From the Plot Manager dialog, select Edit > Options.  Note that settings are available to configure both plot stamp and watermarking, even custom watermarking!  My settings below is set to show the Lifecycle `state’ as the watermark.

After choosing the settings, submit the file(s) for printing.  Note you also have a choice to submit the print task to the Job Server if you wish.

Step–3… review the results!

Remember this works for any files … Mechanical, Architectural or Non-CAD!!

Sample CAD drawing

Sample Office Word document