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    by Kim Hyde

    I have recently come across an issue when installing the Autodesk server component `Autodesk Data Management Server Console’ (ADMS).  The problem has appeared when either re-installing, or when installing on a shared SQL (replicated) environment.

    During the start of the installation Autodesk have included a diagnostic tool to run some `pre-checks’ to see that everything is ok, amongst these it will test to see if an SQL database already exists and if it does if the pre-check will test if it is compatible … so here’s the `Catch 22’ ! … if you are re-installing or sharing an SQL for a file-store replication model where updates have been applied to the SQL site, then the pre-check will report a failure and halt the install process.

    The real snag here is that you cannot apply the update(s) on the install, so what can you do …?

    The answer is as follows:

      1. Stop the process via the Task Manager and allow the install to complete. (see below)
      2. Install required update(s) BEFORE running ADMS (e.g. ADMS 2011 requires Update1 and Update2).
      3. When updates are successfully installed, then run ADMS.

    To stop the pre-check operation, end the task called ScriptTool.exe:

    circumstances stop the pre-check with any other reason other than indicated !  The pre-check there is to check that the installation will function properly, so if errors are reported then ALWAYS sort them out or ask for assistance !

    It is also worth noting that the ScripTool.exe gets permanently installed under the install location and can be run again post installation … which can be useful if `something goes wrong’ post installation. (See Diagnostic Tool dialog below).  Also note that certain log files are accessible besides a re-run of the pre-checks via the `Run Checks’ button.

    The log files available are DiaTool.xml and PreChecks.xml. 



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