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    by Justin Doughty

    The last update in my experimenting with Autodesk Project Memento goes full circle back to the Revit model I initially created.

    I resubmitted the very same photos into Project Memento recently, which gave even better results, a more detailed model, less holes to fix and it even managed to catch a colleague passing through the doorway. From this I exported the model to Recap .RCP format. I then used Recap to double check the scale and units of the point cloud.

    Finally I imported the point cloud into my original Revit Model to compare:

    I can see that my sill heights need to be changed on the windows, and I need to find some more realistic families for the furniture. For real application, I can see this being very useful for either positioning existing elements, or checking for changes after construction.

    Project Memento has lots of applications, and this is just one. In future I hope to look at using Project Memento to create a Revit Family from an existing real-world element, by just using photos.




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