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    by John Flanagan

    The geometry produced is illustrated below:

    Polygon Aligned and Scaled to Rectangle


    Use the Copy tool from the Modify panel on the Ribbon to produce the following shape (use midpoint object snaps for accuracy).


    From the Status Bar, toggle Ortho on and then select all the geometry in the drawing window. Click the Rotate tool from the Modify panel on the Ribbon and follow the command prompts to produce the final shape illustrated below.


    Try using the Trim tool from Modify panel to clean up the overlapping lines in the centre of the drawing.

    The key to the above exercise is to keep your eyes on the command prompts.


    When rotating objects, click on the Copy option on the Command Bar so that a copy of the selected objects gets rotated.


    Tip: When selecting the base point of rotation use OTRACK (object tracking) to find the midpoint of the polygon.



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