AutoCAD - Terminology 2

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by John Flanagan

As promised in a recent blog, I have listed more of the key terms used in AutoCAD. Print the lists and use them as a reference to understanding AutoCAD functionality.


AutoCAD Terminology 2

Layout Tabs

A space used for plotting your drawings (formerly called Paper Space).

Limits (Grid)

A setting to impose an 'artificial' boundary on your drawing that sets the area of the grid, and when turned on, limits you to drawing in the grid area.


All objects are drawn with a particular linetype. Examples would be solid, centre, dashed, etc.

Model space

The drawing space where you 'model' the objects.


A generic term used for changing your objects


Any item that is in the AutoCAD database. Also known as an entity.


The (0,0) point of your current coordinate system.

Ortho mode

This is a drawing mode that allows you to draw only perpendicular lines. It is toggled on and off by pressing the F8 key.



A standard drawing method that shows 2 or more views of the same part.

Osnap – Object Snap

This is a method of 'snapping' to certain, precise points on an object.


To move around drawing by dragging the drawing area around your screen.


A grouping of commands on the ribbon


The specific folder where AutoCAD looks for, or saves files.


To select an object by 'left-clicking' on it.


Also known as print. To make a hard copy of your drawing.

Polar Coordinates

A way of inputting points based on distance and angle.

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