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    by John Flanagan

    On a recent support call a customer wanted to know why she could select one ceiling hatch pattern (large grid) but not the other (small grid). Fig 1 below illustrates part of the ceiling layout.


    Fig 1: Ceiling Layout



    The large hatch pattern had been placed automatically and was editable.

    The small hatch pattern had been sketched and wasn’t editable.

    It appears that a drafting hatch pattern was used for the sketched ceiling.





    Insert a model hatch pattern for the Acoustic Ceiling (Fig 2)


    Fig 2: Fill Patterns




    Select the Acoustic Ceiling and click edit type on the properties pallet.
    In the Type Properties Dialogue box select Edit Structure.
    In the Edit Assembly Dialogue box click on Materials to access the Materials Editor.
    In the Materials Editor go to the Surface Patterns section and click in the Patterns field.
    In the Fill Patterns Dialogue box select Model for the Pattern Type.
    Select and apply your surface pattern. Job done.

    You will now be able to adjust your hatch pattern.




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