Revit 2013 - Windows not cutting at wall level boundary

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by John Flanagan

On a recent support call a customer requested some advice regarding the placement of staircase windows across wall boundaries. The problem he faced is illustrated in fig1 below: At level 1 the top of one window doesn’t show and only the sill is visible on another window.

This problem sometimes arises when a window is inserted in a plan view (in this case Level 0) and then a wall is created on the next level. If the window sill height is such that it crosses the wall boundary between two levels it may not cut completely and is partially obscured.

Fig 1: Partially obscured windows at Level 1 Boundary


To resolve this two simple approaches can be used:

Method 1

  • Insert the windows in elevation view (Revit may give you a warning regarding conflicts with wall joins – you can ignore this).


Method 2

  • Select a partially obscured window. From the green focus on the ribbon select Pick New Host and re - host the window to its approximate position. You can then adjust the sill height in the window properties dialogue and move /align it to its exact position.


The windows will now be visible and cut both walls across the boundary at level 1.

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