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    by Kim Hyde

    If you are using a cyclic backup script for your Autodesk Vault installation, and you wish to consider to speed up the process, then read on! …

    As part of any Autodesk Vault installation, Cadline always advise that an ADMS backup be created on a regular basis.  We often supply a `cyclic’ script to automate this process as part of a Vault installation which basically writes the backup to folder `A’, then for each subsequent backup the contents of folder A is copied to folder `B’ before writing to folder `A’ again.


    Where a Vault becomes very large, the copy routine may take several hours which may become a timing issue where you are juggling with scheduling an included tape backup.  The following script uses Rename instead of Copy or Move which eliminates the secondary write-time.


    If you wish to copy and use this script example copied from my laptop, please remember to modify the Vault version and location, write locations, together with user name and password etc.


    REM Autodesk Data Management Server backup routine

    REM Cadline Ltd. 01293 774442

    REM This file should be run as a scheduled task daily and complete before the main tape backup begins 

    REM:       Cycling the SQL server 




    ::  Delete "B" and Rename "A" to "B" backup subdirectories


    RMDIR /Q /S "C:\Vault_Backups\B"

    REN C:\Vault_Backups\A B 


    ::  Start the backup process


    MKDIR "C:\Vault_Backups\A\"

    "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\ADMS Professional 2015\ADMS Console\Connectivity.ADMSConsole.exe" -Obackup -B"C:\Vault_Backups\A" -L"C:\Vault_Backups\VaultBackup.txt" -VUadministrator -VP -DBSC -VAL -S



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