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    by Geoff Woodhead

    I’ve had the chance to really sink my teeth into the Survey portion of AutoCAD Civil 3D recently and have to say I have been extremely impressed. During my time in industry I have experienced a number of painstaking manual tasks, one of these that will stick with me the rest of my days is the amount of post processing work that needs to be carried out on survey data once it reaches the office. Scarily someone can spend as long tidying the data as was originally spent collecting it, surely this can be simplified?

    Of course it can! Enter Civil 3D and the Site to Survey features it provides. By fully making use of the functions available to us on our data collectors and using an intelligent surveying program like Civil 3D for processing we are able to reduce the time spent on site, taken to prepare our data for import and finalising the survey results. Add to this the ability to create and store queries for our survey database as well as all the features that make the AutoCAD platform the market leader like Annotation Scaling, Advanced Layer Properties and the intuitive Ribbon Interface. Has there ever been a better time to make the switch?

    For anyone looking to get stuck into the Survey features of Civil 3D I have recently added two videos to the Civil 3D Back to Basics Series. These are:


    Episode 16 – Creating Survey Databases 


    Episode 17 – Creating, Managing and Applying Figure Styles

    More on Survey from me soon!



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