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    by Geoff Woodhead

    It’s been a few months since the last version of Civil 3D was released now and adoption of the sleekest version to date is on the increase. With this increase in adoption I am also seeing an increase in the number of users who are finding the Subscription Site to be an unnavigable labyrinth when it comes to finding your updated software and more importantly ensuring you are downloading that much beloved British English localisation.

    If you too are one of these people who cannot face the prospect of seeing the word Elevation instead of Level, Intersections instead of Junctions or Station instead of Chainage then read on below for a step by step guide.

    In order to be able to install the British English version of AutoCAD Civil 3D you will first need to remove any other localisations of the version you wish to install.

    1. Navigate to http://subscription.autodesk.com and login using an Autodesk Subscription account with permissions to view available product downloads.



    2.  Upon login you will be presented with the following screen, select the ‘Access your Subscription Benefits’ link as highlighted in the red box below.



    3. On the page you are now presented with there is a small ‘Download’ link highlighted in the red box on the screenshot below. Clicking this link will take you to your Available Product Downloads.


    4. You should now see a web form allowing you to search by a set of parameters. From the ‘Language’ drop down shown in the red box below. Select ‘British English’ and in the ‘Product Search’ box shown by the orange box below type ‘Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D’ then press enter. Select the version of the software you would like to download and the localised version should now be displayed as shown by the green box on the screenshot.



    Now armed with your newly downloaded copy of the British English localised version of AutoCAD Civil 3D, don’t forget to properly configure the installation to also install the UKIE Country Kit for all of the extra design content goodness you’ve come to love these last few versions.

    Hope you found this post useful, time to finish sinking my teeth into the latest and greatest features this release has to offer!



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