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    by Gareth Spencer

    Another nice new tool now available for Autodesk Subscription Customers. Autodesk SiteWorks from Eagle Point Software Corporation and now it’s available to download for all Autodesk Subscription Customers on the Autodesk Subscription Centre.

    You’re going to get lots more tools than you originally had with Revit to help with landscaping within Revit.

    Having tools to bring in LandXML format into Revit just like the image below and many more tools.

    If you wish to find out a little more about the tools and the latest subscription tools In the Fold blog is a good place to start: Autodesk Revit 2015 Subscribers Get Slew of New Capabilities with “R2” Update


    So what you waiting for get downloading it now.


    Please Note you must be an Autodesk subscription customer to access these enhancements.



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