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    by Liam O'Connor

    As part of producing your Revit model you may need to show Cable Trench’s which house your service/power cables running around your building site. Using the parametric power of Revit you can easily and quickly create a Trench family that’s works just like drawing a line AutoCAD but is actually 3D and can change to the size needed in a click of a button, that’s the beauty of Revit’s Model based Design Philosophy. Plus each individual Trench can be scheduled so you know how many you’ll need and what size that are.

    One workflow you could apply is to use the Flexible pipe in the Systems tabs to “Mimic” your cables and “lay” the cables actual in the Trench this would give a more realistic model and much better estimates for cable lengths.

    Using the concept of Nested Families, the Array tool and a Very Very simple formulayou can quickly make your families incredibly flexible and great time savers.

    Watch this Blog to find out how


    Please download the Array Civil Trench below