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    by Gareth Spencer

    I came across an interesting problem the other day when I came to use Vault after I installed the Dynamo add-in to Revit.

    I installed Dynamo a few weeks ago to see what it was all about and how it works, but here’s where the problem arose. I logged into Vault through Revit to save my model into Vault and the next thing that happens is the below message appears on screen.

    After pressing OK a few times Vault started to hang and to the only is to close the application. This then created further problems if you wished to add sheets from Revit in Vault, it would start the process and then freeze.  

    • After checking Vault had all the latest service packs installed.
    • Then going down the lines of repair/reinstalling Vault to try and fix the problem and having no joy.
    • The next step was uninstalling the Dynamo add-in app and still having the same problem.
    • Checked the antivirus was blocking access and that was not.