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    by Gareth Spencer

    So it’s been a few weeks since Autodesk announced the release of Revit 2015 and as usual the internet went crazy for a few days.

    I have finally installed the Building Design Suite on my machine and got to work looking at all the enhancements and new features.

    One of the main things which I personally like in Revit 2015 is the ability to adjust the order of your parameters and add tooltips to parameters.


    Family Parameter Order Adjustment

    Building Families has just got a little bit easier as users can now order the parameter, if you have tried organizing your parameters before then you will know it’s not an easy thing to do. In the below image you will see that I have placed 3 parameters and they are in the order I need them to be, but I can simply use the Move Up and Down buttons highlighted on the right hand side in the Family Types dialog box (As highlighted in the below image).

    Once you have ordered the parameters how you wish them to show, they won’t reposition themselves when loaded into a Revit project.


    Tooltips for Family Parameters

    When I have been building families in the past, putting the a parameter names into a family is a straight forward process, but I may understand what the parameter name it used for but others may not. Now with the new tooltips function built-in you can add useful information for the users when they hold the cursor over the parameter you have added.

    As you will see the above image I have added a tool tip to the parameter Example 1. Then in the below image I displays when I hold my curser over that parameter.


    A couple of things to note you are limited to 250 characters. Also when you add tooltips to shared parameters you can only add the tooltips when you create the shared parameter not in the Parameter Properties dialog box.