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    by Gareth Spencer

    You may of noticed that the default Supply Air Diffuser (Air Terminal) in Revit does have the option to snap to the ceiling grid. The insertion point is in the centre of the diffuser so you can place it on the intersection of the ceiling grid, if you try and move the diffuser using the corner or aligning it to the ceiling grid it won’t.

    If you open the diffuser in the family editor we can quickly add in Reference Line along the outer edge of the diffuser, which will now make the family so you can either pick a point or align to objects.


    1. Select diffuser in view and select edit family.
    2. Using Reference Line tool draw a Reference Line around the outer edge of the diffuser. (As shown in below image)



    3. You may wish to save the family, so select Save As and save the family in your family library.

    4. Now select Load into Project from the Ribbon and test the family. You should now be able to snap or align to the outer edge of the diffuser.



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