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    by Gareth Spencer

    In Revit 2014, positioning for structural framing (structural beams) was enhanced which gives you the user greater control over the location of beams and bracing inside your model. You will now see a section called Geometric Position under the Instance Properties.

    So using the Instance Properties before the enhancements of Revit 2014 we could only justify the Z-Direction Justification & offset, Lateral Justification, Cross-section rotation and Start & End Offset (As shown in below screen print from Revit 2013)

    We can now select the yz justification as Uniform which applies justification to both ends or Independent which allows you apply a justification to each independently.  Then using the y & Z offset values (Uniform) or End y/z Offset Values (Independent) you adjust a beam position vertically and horizontally in your model.

    This is going help when placing things like bracing so you can adjust the location as you can see in the below before and after images.