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    by Gareth Spencer

    When setting up views sometimes you may find that the view doesn’t show all the information and generally there is a simply answer why. 

    Example Question:

    I have placed lights in my ceiling plan but when I switch back to my plan view they aren’t shown, why is this?

    Now there can be quite a few reasons why your lights aren’t showing.

    1. In your properties window change the Underlay from None to level your currently on, for example Level 0, select the underlay to be Level 0. Your lights should now show in view but in a grey scale.


    If you need the reflected ceiling view to show you can change the Underlay Orientation from Plan to Reflected Ceiling Plan 


    2. You also need to consider the View Range, are the lights outside the view’s View Range. If this is the case then you need to consider adjusting the Top and Cut 


    3. Has the lights been hidden in view? Clicking on  Reveal Hidden Elements on the Status bar. This is will reveal all hidden elements in a magenta colour, selecting the elements you need to unhidden then click Unhide from Ribbon or by right-click Unhide.

    4.  Is the visibility of the light fixtures turned ON or OFF in the Visibility/Graphics?