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    by Gareth Spencer

    I think everyone who uses Revit will agree you can do most things pretty quick, and it’s quicker to create a drawing than you can in AutoCAD.

    Ok there is a but coming here, but it can take you a while if you can want add-in a few drawings sheets.

    • You will need to either right-click on Sheets and select New Sheet in Project Browser or from the Ribbon View > Sheet Composition > Sheet.
    • Another way to create drawing sheets quickly you can create a sheet list and add all your sheets in there.  

    The other option you can use is to simply just right-click or Ctrl+C on a view in the Project Browser that doesn’t currently have any views on it, and select Copy to Clipboard.

    Now to create a copy of the sheet you selected, press Ctrl+V to paste the sheet. The sheet will be a complete copy of the one you copied and will be numbered using the numbering sequence of the existing sheets.



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