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    by Gareth Spencer

    If you have upgraded AutoCAD 2013 and you’re using the good old classic view, then you may have found that the Array dialog box doesn’t appear on screen.  

    AutoCAD Classic View

    Clicking on the  Rectangular/Path/Polar Array only allows you to control the object(s) being arrayed, which for example number of columns is 5 the screen will update automatically.

    If you’re not happy with just following the command line you can still use the Array dialog box but you need to type ‘ARRAYCLASSIC’ into the command line.

    AutoCAD Ribbon

    Another solution is to switch the default Drafting & Annotation workspace and selecting the  Array tools from the Ribbon, it will switch the Ribbon to the Contextual Ribbon>Array Creation. This will have all the features you have in the array dialog box and more.





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