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    by Gareth Spencer

    We have all created a render from time to time but have you ever thought I wish I could add an image to a surface of a wall. Something like your company logo or some sort of sign.

    Well you can by using the Decals tool which is in Revit. Why not check it out?

    On the Autodesk WikiHelp is says the following: Use the Place Decal tool to place images on surfaces of a building model for rendering. For example, you can use decals for signs, paintings, and billboards. For each decal, you can specify an image and its reflectivity, luminance, and texture (bump-mapping). You can place decals on flat surfaces and cylindrical surfaces.

    The great thing about this is simply to do, just follow the simple steps I have listed below and give it ago.

    Select the Insert (TAB)/Link/Decal/Decal Types on the Ribbon (as shown below):



    The first time you start the command it will give you the following Decal Types Dialog box.


    Simply select Create new decal icon, give the image a name. Then load in image from file by clicking (Browse). You can use the following types BMP, JPG, JPEG and PNG formats.



    Once you have loaded in an image you can adjust things like Reflectivity, Transparency, change the finish etc.
    The good thing about it you can place to the image on a flat surface for example a wall, slab or even on cylindrical. You can place more than one of the same image in and around the project.


    Without Image

    With Image



    On A Cylindrical Surface


    To delete the decal from the wall or slab just pick it and hit delete, it can’t get much easier.

    Ok I must admit my render skills aren’t too good but hey it’s a great tool and am sure if I spent more time on this I could get some cracking images out. Why don’t you give it a try and let me know your comments, it would be great to hear how you get on.

    Please note that some of the information above has been taken from the Autodesk WikiHelp website.



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