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    by Dennis Collin

    This question often gets asked by Revit users of all disciplines.

    How do I create a set of standard notes that can be used again and again between projects, but will also let me alter the text specifically for individual projects? The function needs to let me edit this text without altering the original reference sited in a template.


    Although you can place notes and tags within views there is always a need to have a piece of easily editable text which can go onto multiple plotting sheets AND be easily placed for consistent positioning.

    Believe it not this best achieved by creating... a schedule!

    So depending on your discipline think of a category of object that you will never need.  As a suggestion I would say Structural  could use something like Nurse Call category. Architects & Building Services could use Analytical Beams as 'dummy catagory' for example.

    When creating this 'Phantom schedule' select Schedule Keys rather than building components.

    Rename the schedule and call it 'STANDARD NOTES' or similar.

    Add some fields.


    I have added a numeric field called Ref and a textural field called notes. Although if an numeric list isnt required just add the one text field.

    Clicking OK will result in something like the following;



    Insert rows and fill in the cells as appropriate, think of this like a manual spreadsheet. Each cell being its own paragraph text.

    Indeed this process could be used to create a tabular based object, for manual revision notes, lists and keys etc.



    This schedule can then be dragged onto multiple sheets as expected.

    If grid lines aren't required then this schedule can be formatted so that individual lines are suppressed but an overall framed is placed. This can all be adjusted in the 'Appearance' tab.


    NB.. Different text families can be assigned to different parts of the 'paragraph text' to give a specific look, or turned off as desired.

    Once setup this schedule can be left in a project template to drag and drop onto sheets as necessary. If the Schedule view is removed or deleted from the project browser then it can be reimported by doing the following.

    Go to the INSERT tab.



    Click Insert 'Views from File', click select,

    Browse to your reference Project or Template file and select it.

    In the insert views dialogue, choose the desired views (and sheets).


    The select view(s) will be copied across to your current project.

    Which can then be added to your sheet(s) as desired.


    The explanatory note, which should always be considered upon reading any drawing.



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