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    by Dennis Collin

    I have been having a few issues lately after a recent system rebuild where I am unable to view 3D DWF/DWFX files. Obviously this means I need to install or re-install the AutoDesk Design Review 2013 application. However upon clicking upon the download site below the installer fails. This has been a little niggle with me for the last month or so but after trying to explain DWFs to a recent class. I thought enough was enough, I need to sort this out!

    You can see the problem when visiting the Autodesk Site and trying out the installer for yourself.




    Download and running the initial Installer, brings up the splash screen and the process starts the install  and then halting with the error;

    'Please check your internet connection and try again.

    by Dennis CollinThe following failed to install:

    Autodesk Design Review 2013 (0x2: failed downloading component)'

    This happens even on a wired connection, ruling out any local WIFI issues etc.

    The cause for this problem is that your system NEEDS the Akamai NetSession installer installed and if that you don't have the Akamai component installed , the  install process fails with  no meaningful error message.  Perhaps Autodesk should provide a  Link for the Akamai Netsession installer on the Design Review download site as well as a link to the client. Or have an AutoDetect utility or alternatively provide clearer documentation on system requirements.

    To work around  this problem, you can visit the Akamai site direct and download the client manually. The link can be found here;


    Clicking on the Demo link will install Akamai NetSession client on your local device if it is not already installed.

    When prompted to save the "50MB" Demo hit the cancel download button as by this stage the NetSession Interface Client will already be installed. The 50MB demo file is not needed.



    After this step  the Design Review installation  should run and complete without any problems.  Autodesk should really revise their Design Review setup page to detect and install this client if necessary. Or at least document these steps more clearly.

    So in summary to install Autodesk Design Review ADR

    • Install the Akamai NetSession Client, via the demo link provided. (cancelling the 50MB demo file)
    • Proceed to the Design Review download page, choose your language and download.
    • Run the installer and the additional files and modules will download and install automatically.
    • Run ADR 2013 and open and view your 3D DWFx files either in the app or a supported browser platform.


    At the time of writing there is no newer version of ADR than the 2013 release, although there is a 2015 version of TrueView which will permit the viewing of DWG and DXF files



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