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    by Dennis Collin

    I was doing some system maintenance this morning, checking service packs and updates on my applications, I noticed a useful looking application on the AutoCAD Exchange this morning. It is not a particularly new application but it provides a useful alternative to the conventional Draworder function. This app lets you specify a layer selection order instead.

    As I said this facility and others like it have been around for a few years but I think it would be a great asset if you are working on complex service drawings or busy mapping data or site plans. The authoring copy is Dotsoft and their site is well worth checking out for other utilities. Some are free and some can be purchased, there are also routines that will run on older AutoCAD versions as well.

    Once installed the usage is very simple. Simply select the layer you want to reposition in the list, then press the move up or move down button to change its order. As per the image below.



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