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    by Dennis Collin

    This is not exactly a new plug-in for AutoCAD subscription users, but it does provide an improved alternative to the venerable TxtExp command that comes with the AutoCAD Express Tools (Located under – Text – Explode Text). The main difference in this utility is that the underlying geometry is spline based (Bezier segments, specifically). This geometry type offers performance benefits over the faceted polylines in a few areas including reduced file size, better appearance, and flexible geometry for more a reliable workflow to other products.

    The initial version seemed to have a few issues with AutoCAD 2013 but the latest version (1.3.1) seem to work fine on my build. A few things to note is that not all Font definitions are compatible with the "As Regions" conversion option in the convertor dialogue box. The safest method for importing into a drawing, is to leave that option unselected and use the default option , which adds the geometry as a Block Reference instead. Most of the ‘standard’ windows fonts seem to work fine though.



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