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    by Dennis Collin

    When plans aren't showing what you want i.e. not cutting through the building elements you want to see cut, try using the often overlooked "Plan Region" tool.

    Located on the View tab on the Ribbon, the Plan Region tool allows you to specify an area by sketch, which you can set a different View Range to that of the rest of the plan.

    For example, you may want to show a clerestory window, cut in your floor plan, even though it's above the cut plane. It would also work for a lower level window on a half floor landing or perhaps on a lower level floor.

    Click the Plan Region button,

    sketch a line around the area you want to show(in this case, the area that the 'problematic object' is located) and make sure you make the line a closed region.

    Click the Region Properties button, then view range button, and set the cut plane to the center of the window (or similar object) and check that the top and bottom limits of the view range show what you need to see and click OK, OK, Finish Sketch.

    Hey presto! Problem solved.