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    by David Gate

    When constraining your sketches how often have you picked the horizontal/vertical constraint and it either failed to apply or messed your sketch up?

    This is often down to the fact that you’re looking at your sketch 90 degrees out so the horizontal axis actually runs vertically or vice versa and unless you pay keen attention to the view cube or the view axis you often miss it.


    It can be slightly frustrating but is often easy to resolve.

    Thankfully in Inventor 2015 you no longer need to worry. When placing a Horizontal or Vertical constraint you get a hand reference line displayed to indicate which way it is going to constrain. This should hopefully help prevent you from making a mistake in placing the wrong constraint.

    Check out the handy little gif below to see it in action and if you are wondering how to get the handy shortcut to the constraints around your mouse it’s a simple “Ctrl + Right Click” while in the sketching environment.



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