Inventor 2015 Quick Tip - Import Step Assembly

Zen Admin
Zen Admin

by David Gate

When importing a Step file into Inventor it is important that you first pick the correct import options.

These options can be found on the Open dialog. The important setting to make sure is unpicked is “Import Assembly as Single Part”.

This will mean that if the Step file has been exported from an Assembly it should now import as one, with each component still accessible.

If you find that this still imports as a single multi bodied part file and the model browser looks like the following then we can do some very quick post processing to convert this into an assembly.

We need to use a single command to convert this multi solid part into an assembly. That command is “Make Components” which is on the manage tab.

Simply add all the solid bodies to the dialog (quick tip drag a selection box over everything in the graphics window).

Choose your assembly name, save location and template.


Then choose each part name and location etc.

Once finished you will now have an assembly with individual components inside, note these will be grounded in the same position they were in the Step file.


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