Inventor Basics - Assembly Browser Folders

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Zen Admin

by David Gate

When working with larger assemblies your assembly browser can often become a very large unmanageable list. Sub assemblies will help organise parts that are constrained together but often you don’t want to use them.

Luckily there is a simple solution, you can create folders within your assembly browser just to help view and arrange all the components within your assembly.

There are a number of ways to do this.

You can create a new folder by right clicking in the browser, naming it and then dragging components you want into the folder.

Or you can select all the components, right click in the browser and pick “Add to New folder” to create a new folder and all the components to it.

You can nest folders within folders if needed and you can also use folders to make selections.

You can also control the suppression and visibility and more of a folders contents.

Remember to make use of you selection aids to select all internal parts, all occurrences etc.


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