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    by David Gate

    I have previously posted a number of BIM export blogs with tips and tricks in. One which advises on adding iProperties into your exported RFA, and another which helps automatically importing these properties.

    But one thing to be careful with.

    Inventor is really flexible with what these properties can contain, they are free text in every sense of the word.

    When your iProperties get translated across to Revit, they become parameters, which unfortunately have a few character limitations. A word of warning to you though. If a single property of yours contains any of the below characters then it will cause all of them to fail and there will be no properties at all in your new RFA file.

    How can you check if your properties have successfully translated across? Or even just check the model comes through ok?

    Check out this tip to get Revit Viewer (unless you already own Revit).

    Once you have opened your RFA file up in Revit click the family types button to view the imported parameters and properties.

    The 3D View set to Realistic will allow you to check your model and colours have come through ok.