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    by David Gate

    When you purchase and maintain a license of Vault Professional you also get a access and use of a Buzzsaw site and user accounts.

    The Buzzsaw sites expiry date will be set to match your original Maintenance Subscription expiry date.

    Hopefully you value both products and when it comes to renewal time you extend your Vault Maintenance Subscription.

    One slight issue is that your Buzzsaw Sites expiry date is not automatically linked to your Vault Maintenance Subscription date anymore. So when you go to log into your site you get the following error.

    Do not worry though, as long as you get it reactivated within 90 days your site will not be lost.

    To get it re-enabled all you have to do is phone Autodesk’s Buzzsaw Technical Support or fill in the online form. On the below page and they will update the Buzzsaw expiry date to match the new Vault Maintenance Subscription end date.




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