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    by David Gate

    Unfortunately the punch tools that come with Inventor are all imperial, but it is really easy to add your own sizes. Browse to the following location and open up the ide file you want to change or add to. If you are using XP then this location maybe different.


    C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor 20XX\Catalog\Punches


    For this example I am editing the Round Emboss ide file. The ifeatures work in a similar way to iparts so you have a table of parameters which drive the size of this feature.


    To add new sizes we first need to edit the ifeature author table.




    Right click on the table and choose insert row.




    Type in your desired values.




    Make sure you add the units in mm otherwise they will default back to inches.

    Note the diameter on this round emboss is the internal diameter of the protruded flat face.




    Then double check that your sizes build correctly by activating each one.




    Then save and close the file.


    Now your ifeature will be usable in sheet metal as a punch and you should be able to find and select your new custom size.