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    A common support call issue that is really easy to fix is the Russian parts list conundrum. When I had this occur to me while delivering training I thought someone had played a corker of a practical joke on me.

    I found that I could only seem to place Russian parts lists and noticed that the normal ‘Annotate’ ribbon had been replaced with a new ‘Annotate (ESKD)’ one.  

    Don’t worry though something has not gone wrong with your software and there is an easy solution to revert you back to the standard Annotate and standard parts lists.

    If you head to the Tools Tab > Options Panel and click on the Add-Ins.

    In the dialogue make sure that the ‘ESKD Support’ Add-in is NOT loaded and NOT set to automatically load. Ie match the image below.

    This should then revert your ribbon back to normal and when you create a parts list they will be in English (if that’s your chosen language). Obviously the reverse is true. If you want to create Russian standard drawings then enable this Add-in and it will allow you to create GOST Standard drawings.