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    by David Gate

    Every time you launch Inventor 2013 the welcome screen appears.

    It gives you quick access to create new files, open existing files and edit your projects. I find the recent files section really useful to quickly open what I was previously working on the day before.

    For new users it also has tutorials and links to learning resources, What’s new etc.

    You can also set your default template units here, a common problem we come across is people not knowing this button exists.

    You can prevent the Welcome Screen from appearing by unticking the box “display at start-up”. You can re-enable it under the “Application Options > General tab” called “Show Welcome Screen on start-up”.

    If during use you want to get the welcome screen back you can just click the Welcome button on your ribbon. But in Factory Design Suite editions of Inventor there the button to reopen your Welcome Screen doesn’t appear on your ribbon. Highlighted in green is the standard ribbon from Inventor Factory Design Suite.

    To get the Welcome Screen button you can either open or create a part and then the “Get Started” tab now shows the welcome screen button, or you can right click and customise your ribbon to show the welcome screen buttons (highlighted in red).



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