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    by David Gate

    Autodesk introduced the Marking Menu to us in Inventor 2012, in 2013 they improved it further to now allow you to add a second custom marking menu.


    I found this really useful when needing to quickly switch my selection criteria while learning Tube + Pipe. The quick access menu is handy and you can also use the shift key and right click to quickly access your selection criteria, but I like everything to be around my mouse with the chance to use the quick right click drag to activate, to minimise wasted travelling time.


    I’m sure there are plenty of other standard commands you use which would be really handy to have at your mouse tip.


    To add and/or customise your marking menus follow these simple steps.


    1. Right-click anywhere in your ribbon and chose  “Customize User Commands”. Navigate to the Marking Menu Tab.
    2. Then pick your Environment, pick an existing Marking Menu pick from the Sub-Environment drop down list or create a second Marking Menu by choosing “Crtl + Right Click Menu”.
    3. Populate or customize your Marking Menu, I find the search command tool is the easiest way of finding commands. Remember to select the radial position first or you will just keep changing the same one over and over.
    4. Once customized your new Marking Menu is available to use. Press and hold the Crtl key on your keyboard and right-click anywhere in the graphic window. If the standard Marking Menu appears, make sure you are in the correct working Environment. This extra Marking Menu works in the exact same way as a normal Marking Menu so you can hold Crtl and right-click drag to make your selection even quicker.



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