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    by Stuart Tanfield

    Firstly I would like to say how delighted I am to be back at Cadline. Having been away for around 2 years working in industry, it has opened my eyes to some of the challenges that face the industry as a whole. Knowing Cadline’s approach in understanding the needs and requirements of their customers, provides me with the confidence to know we are able to help tackle those challenges and support the cultural change that is both required and inevitable, so I am thrilled to be back and part of it!

    So the start of my return to Cadline sees me very fortunately arrive at AU in Las Vegas. It was my first time there and it’s difficult to comprehend the size and magnitude of the event Autodesk have staged. The sessions provide a broad spectrum of the uses of the Autodesk offerings, however there is a clear message across all of these sessions, workflows & data management.

    As well as the data and workflow, cloud based applications appears to be very prominent too, this is something I feel will grow considerably over the next couple of years.

    One really key area of development is Project Skyscraper, which is due to be renamed to Revit Collaborator. This provided a platform which allowed multiple users to work collaboratively on a web based system.  Multiple organisations can work and link models in a cloud environment. It also provided an interface which indicated when other users where saving their model to the centrally positioned project. There was also the ability to instant message one another. 

    This is currently still at beta testing stage. If you would like to take a look at project https://beta.autodesk.com/home.html?welcome

    Project Skyscraper looked as if it was nearly ready to be released as a full blown application so watch this space.

    Autodesk CEO, Carl Bass, announced there was to be free software for the education sector. This is a huge step towards shaping the future of our industry. I personally see this as important as learning a language. Children should feel comfortable to work within this sort of environment to allow the use of the software to become second nature.

    The closing message from Autodesk focused on the achievements of the modern world, looking at examples such as the Wright Brothers as inspirations. The message was to encourage all to work with software to achieve great things, by introducing software to education really early on will help to endorse this message.



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