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    by Stuart Tanfield

    Next up for the new features is, the enhanced visualisations.

    Autodesk have done a good job with this one. We now have the ability to include previews of RPC content so, people, trees etc, within a realistic visual style.

    In addition to this we are able to set a gradient for sky, horizon and ground colour or set an image as our background.

    Another new setting to the background as well as realistic settings, is the new raytracing visual style.

    I found this to be quite strenuous on my machine, however I think for early conecpt ideas this is a good addition.

    Within the new settings dialogue box, we find we have far more control over this visibility settings and we can even save them as a view template, making any future presentation views easy to reach without having to adjust all the settings.

    We also have a change with reagrds to transparency. We no longer have the ghost surface which was introduced last year. Transparency is still here but has undergone a revamp. We now use the transparency slider to control the transparecy of revit elements by either category or individual element.

    I think the new visualisation enhancements are going to help users produce some really convincing presentation views. Requests are often directed towards getting a revit view to look a feel more like sketch-up, I think we can now compete with this on a realistic level.



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