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    by Stuart Tanfield

    Trying to determine the best way to utilise the information an architect may have already added to a Revit model, can be a steep learning curve.

    When working in Revit MEP, and combining this with a Revit Architectural model, the architect will normally place plumbing fixtures within their model. As a result of this, when the 2 files are linked we can see these plumbing fixtures, however we cannot connect into the plumbing fixtures from the linked file.

    In order to create a scheme which includes these fixtures we must bring them over into our MEP model and there are a couple of options for doing this.

    The first option is to use the Copy/Monitor tool. On a large project this is probably the most effective way to bring these elements over.

    Another option is to open the architect’s model, select all the plumbing fixtures and copy them over manually using the Copy to Clipboardcommand.

    Finally working on smaller projects, you can simply hit the tab key until the plumbing fixture from the architect’s model is highlighted, then clickCopy to Clipboard, then paste this into your project.

    One thing to note with all of these methods is that you will not be able to connect your pipework to any of these fixtures until you add a connector to the toilet by editing the family.



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