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    by Stuart Tanfield

    Having set up your beam system on the incline like below, the issue we had was trying to position to hollow sections exactly where we wanted them. The reason for this was because when we were trying to change the position of the beam, the view from which we were looking was not parallel to the beams and beam system. So trying to adjust beams from the default view did not work well.

    In order to create a view looking parallel to the beam system, go into your elevation so you are looking at the beam system side on as shown below.

    Click on the View tab>Section.

    In the Type Selector, change the section type to Detail Section.

    Now draw the section parallel to the beam system.


    Once then in the detail section view, you can place beams using the same reference plane you used to create the whole beam system. At this stage you can then use reference planes to set offsets to the beams. You can then use the hollow sections and drag them to the intersections of the reference planes and the beams.