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    by Stuart Tanfield

    Just thought I’d provide some help in this blog. When working in a project with lots of varying levels, users tend to create intermediate levels, mezzanine levels, or just create levels for referencing. The problem with this is that a lot of the time the user only really wants to see the main levels in presentation elevations, for example Ground Floor, First Floor, not levels indicating parapets etc.

    The way to overcome this issue is to create a filter. This will allow us to filter levels containing a specific word or value, in this case “Intermediate”

    To create a filter, navigate to the View Tab>Click on Filter located on the Graphics Panel.

    Next you’ll need to create a new filter. Click on the first icon on the bottom left of the dialogue box, and name the Filter, the name should outline what the filter is for!


    Once this is done, select the category to which the filter is to be applied to, in this case Levels.

    We then need to tell Revit how filter the Levels. For this will we use the Name of the Level.

    Next we need to tell Revit what condition to use for the filter, for this we are going to use the rule Contains.

    Finally we need to tell Revit what it is the Level name needs to Contain, and this will be the word Intermediate.

    Click OK.

    Now go into Visibility Graphics and click on the filters Tab on the far right.

    Click Add, and then select the Filter you have just created from the list.

    Click OK.

    This is usually the point at which you can override colours of elements, but in fact in this instance we want to turn of the levels. Simply untick the visibility tick box.

    Click OK.

    Now you should find any levels containing the word intermediate will now disappear in the view.