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    by Stuart Tanfield

    I recently had an enquiry that has seemed to crop up a number of times of late. Users are trying to annotate beams using the “Start & End” annotations.

    By going into Annotate>Beam Annotations, Revit Structure will give you the option to specify a structural framing tag for the Start, Middle and End of the beam. The predefined tag already loaded into the template for the start is, Structural Framing Tag-w-Start Reactions : Standard. The predefined tag for the end of the beam is Structural Framing Tag-w-End Reactions : Standard.

    From this point, generally speaking, new users aim to load in tags for the start and end of the beam. When they load in their structural framing tags, they will then find that the tag they have loaded does not appear in the list of available tags for the start or the end.

    The key here is to refer back to the naming of the default tags, the start and the end part of the tag name in particular. These are 2 different tags, one specifically for the start and one specifically for the end.

    In order to understand what makes them specifically for the start and the end you need to select the tag and go into the family. Once in the family, go to “Family Categories & Parameters”

    You can see the attachment point of this tag is set to the end. You can duplicate the tag and change it to start, load it into your project, and this will now be available to load into your beam annotation as a start tag.



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