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    by Stuart Tanfield

    One of the most commonly asked questions in Revit is “How do I Line up my Crop Regions on multiple floor plans, so I see exactly the same area on each floor?”

    To do this I find that most people tend to duplicate their view and then manually move the crop region roughly into position. However there is a more accurate way of doing exactly this.

    We have a function called the Scope box which will allow us to create  an outline for a crop region all the way up the building.


    In order to do this simply use the following steps:

    1.  Make sure you have multiple levels set up in your project.
    2.  Check the height of the scope box you require.
    3.  You are now set to create a scope box in a floor plan view. Go to a plan view, click Scope Box on the Create Panel of the View Tab.
    4. On the Options bar, enter a name and specify a height for the scope box, (hopefully you’ve checked the height)
    5.  Draw a scope box by clicking in the upper-left corner to start the scope box and clicking in the lower-right corner to finish the scope box.


    Now the scope box is drawn, we need to tell Revit which view need to use the scope box.

    1.  Open the floor plan view that you want to associate with the scope box.
    2.  Go to the View Properties panel, scroll down to scope box and select the correct one from the drop down.
    3.  You should now find the crop regions are now the same. Repeat this up the building as required.