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    by Stuart Tanfield

    It’s been a while since I have posted on here. It’s been a very busy month so free time has been like gold dust. One thing I feel is worth mentioning is the content folders for the new 2012 Revit’s.

    Normally if I found I needed to copy content from any of the previous Revit’s I would simply copy the RAC2011 or RAC2010 content over; and in fact to do this I could simply replace the whole folder. This worked fine for previous versions. However I installed the new 2012 programmes a while back and quickly realised that I did not have all the content required, so I copied over the RAC2012 file from one of our training machines……what a mistake that was!!

    The license file is now contained within the content folder. When I copied over the file I took this as well. The next time I fired up Revit, my standalone copy told me that it could not find the network license for the software. In order to get around this I created a new clean install. The problem was, in my haste, I did this for all the Revit’s so had to re-install the lot. So just be careful when copying content.



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