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    By Martin Phelps

    New to 2015 is the “TEXTALIGN” command, allowing quick and easy alignment of single and multi-line text objects, it can also work with a mixture of both. To access this command either type-in “TEXTALIGN” at the command line or from the ”TEXT” panel in the “ANNOTATE” tab select the “ALIGN TEXT” icon.



    Its function is a bit like the “ALIGN” command within “MULTI-LEADER” and allows multiple text objects to be aligned with one of the many text insertion points, (left, centre, right, TL, TC, TR, ML, MC, MR, BL, BC, BR,).

    It also has the following options:-

    “DISTRIBUTE” which spaces the selected text objects evenly between two selected points.

    “SET SPACING” which specifies the spacing between the extents of the selected text objects.

    “CURRENT VERTICAL” uses the vertical positioning of the selected text objects to be aligned.

    “CURRENT HORIZONTAL” uses the horizontal positioning of the selected text objects to be aligned.

    The “MTEXT” dialogue box is much the same as before, but there is window resizer in the lower right of the dialogue box this allows easy adjustment of the height and width, and displays the numerical values of the size of the window.



    If the mouse is passed over the bottom or right edges of the window, a white double headed arrow is displayed allowing the height and width to be changed separately.



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