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    By Martin Phelps

    Line Smoothing

    The “LINESMOOTH” variable turns on anti-aliasing of all objects drawn in viewports that has been set to display the “2D WIRE FRAME” visual style, this greatly improves the display of all objects within the viewport giving a clearer and crisper display, quite simply no stepping on objects that are drawn at angles. This does not affect plotting.



    The above view shows the “LINESMOOTH” turned off, stepping can clearly be seen.




    The view above shows “LINESMOOTH” turned on. The “LINESMOOTH” variable is turned on by default, and cannot be accessed like other system variables by typing in the variable name and changing its value. To turn “LINESMOOTH” off, type in “GRAPHICSCONFIG” in the command line, this will display the “GRAPHICS PERFORMANCE” dialogue box; “SMOOTH LINE DISPLAY” can now be unchecked. This dialogue also displays the type of graphics card and the current driver, and additional “EFFECT SETTINGS”.



    Create and Edit Enhancements

    2015 now offers improved “on screen visual feedback” when drawing and editing objects.

    When using the “COPY” command, once the object or objects have been selected and a base point given, moving the cursor displays a dotted line showing the displacement; also a representational icon known as the “BADGE” is displayed at the crosshairs.




    When using the “MOVE” command, the selected object or objects fade, and the “MOVE” badge is displayed at the crosshairs.



    Badges also appear when using “ROTATE” and “SCALE” commands.


    The “TRIM” command has also been made a lot easier to use, once the cutting edges have been selected, hovering over the object to be trimmed displays a red cross, showing that it may be removed by trimming, it also fades showing the result prior to confirmation of the command.



    If the object cannot be trimmed a white no entry icon is displayed, similar to MicroStation.



    More on AutoCAD 2015 in my next blog



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