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    By Martin Phelps


    The following are short cut symbol codes that can be used in both “SINGLE LINE TEXT” and “MTEXT” AutoCAD commands.

    %%c- diameter symbol (theta), generally placed before the numerical value

    %%d- degree symbol, generally placed after the numerical value

    %%p- plus / minus symbol, generally placed between the main value and a decimal tolerance

    These may be typed in in both “SINGLE LINE TEXT” and “MTEXT” however in “MEXT” they are also accessible by expanding the “SYMBOL” tool in the “TEXT EDITOR” tab, once the “MTEXT” command has been initiated,



    or, by selecting symbol from the displayed menu, after right mouse clicking in the “MTEXT” window.




    Two additional codes for “SINGLE LINE TEXT” are:-

    %%U- underscores text and

    %%O- over scores text 

    These may be used together on the same line of text, part over and part under scoring the text, the %% coding will start each of the above sequences, but it will also stop the sequence.

    Using “SINGLE LINE TEXT” and typing in %%U%%OCad%%Oline, the result below is achieved.



    The above codes do not work with “MTEXT”, since the “MTEXT” command has its own buttons for this function in the “TEXT EDITOR” tab.