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    By Martin Phelps

    To edit an AutoCAD block which contains one or more attributes, the simplest way is to double click on the block this will then display the “Enhanced Attribute Editor” dialogue box, giving the user not only the ability to edit the attribute content but loads of other options as well which is great. This next suggestion may appear to be a bit dated but if you only want to edit the textual content why display all the other stuff? So I have taken to using another command that’s been with AutoCAD for number of years before the previously mentioned function was introduced. This is the “Ddatte” (or Dynamic Dialogue ATTribute Edit) command and displays only the textual content fields, so users don’t get tempted to change the style, layer, colour etc. of the attribute. It however is a type in the command since there is no icon, but the key entry is reduced since the introduction of the “auto complete” command line.

    Alternatively an icon may be created and saved with the “ddatte” macro, this can then be added to the quick access menu bar, or may be from a CAD manager’s point of view you could always edit the CUI.



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