Changes to the Command Line in AutoCAD 2013

Zen Admin
Zen Admin

By Martin Phelps

AutoCAD 2013 has now been available for a few months; a very useful productivity feature that often gets overlooked is within the new command line. In AutoCAD 2013 the user can now select sub functions from the command line; this can be a great time saver especially if the command line is placed at the top of the screen below the ribbon menu, enhancing the “heads up” display. With the command line located at the top of the screen, the user can quickly see the options that are available. Once a command has been initiated the sub functions are displayed in the command line as in previous versions, but now instead of entering the relevant key on the keyboard a left mouse click can select the sub function.

Command line transparency has also been introduced, allowing the user to virtually hide the command line and only become visible when required. To change the transparency, right click in the command line and select transparency from the menu, both the general and rollover settings can be changed. This transparency feature however is not available if the command line is docked.

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