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    By Martin Phelps

    This week’s blog is from a technical support question from earlier this year. The caller wanted to know if it was possible to turn off the automatic fillet and chamfer previews, to which the solution is below.

    AutoCAD now automatically previews fillets and chamfers, after the first line has been selected and the pick box hovers over the second line prior to selection. This feature however can be suppressed or switched off by setting the system variable “SELECTIONPREVIEW” to 0, setting it to 1 turns the preview on when no commands are active and setting it to 2 turns the preview on when a command prompts for object selection. The default setting is 3 which combine settings 1 and 2.

    These values can also be changed under the “Selection preview” section located in the lower left of the “Selection” tab of the “Options” dialogue box, as shown below.




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