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    By Martin Phelps

    Staying in line with my blogs on the 5th March and 9th February which highlighting some short cut keys options using the shift and control keys, this time below are the AutoCAD short cuts using the function or “F” keys.

    F1                                Opens AutoCAD help

    F2                                Toggles between the graphic or drawing area and text screen

    F3                                Toggles object snap on/off

    F4                                Toggles 3D object snaps on / off

    F5                                Cycles through top left and right isoplanes

    F6                                Toggles dynamic UCS on / off

    F7                                Toggles grid display on/off

    F8                                Toggles ortho on / off

    F9                                Toggles snap on / off

    F10                              Toggles polar on / off

    F11                              Toggles object snap tracking on/off

    F12                              Toggles dynamic input on/off



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