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    By Martin Phelps

    Continuing the theme of overlooked sub commands from an earlier blog, another one is within the “Offset” command which can also be a great time saver. Once the offset command has been selected and the offset distance specified by either by picking two points or entering a value, the object can now be selected in the normal manner.  However instead of specifying the direction of the offset, either type in M and press enter or right click in the drawing area to display the sub menu and select “Multiple”, this will allow multiple offsets of the selected object at the previously defined distance. Continually left clicking to the either side of the selected object will control the offset direction. This is a very quick method to duplicate lines, arcs and circles through a specified distance.

    Other sub command options within the Offset command are “Erase” and “Layer” these two functions are selected prior to specifying the offset distance.

    The erase option will still allow the object to be offset through the specified distance, but the selected object but will removed, therefore has the effect of moving the object in specified distance steps instead of duplicating it, whereas the layer command gives the option of either placing the object on the layer of creation or the current layer.



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